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A. What's in a Family history? What does it mean?
B. Molecular Profiling Your Tumor: How to interpret the results
C. Navigating Clinical Trials
D. Nutrition: What Should I Eat?/ Cooking Demonstration

E. Light Exercise: Staying Strong During and After Treatment
F. Creative Arts Workshop: Self-Care Cards & Mindful Mandalas
G. Mind/Body Meditation/Mindfulness as Tools for Resilience
H. Chair Yoga: Stretch & Strength

I. Emotional Support Tools For Patients
J. Emotional Support Tools For Caregivers
K. Sexual Health: The Most Important Step is Talking About It
L. Unique Challenges of Young Onset Colorectal Cancer

M. When Should Palliative Care be Involved, Almost Always!
N. Survivorship Care- What Do I Do When Treatment Is Over?
O. When Radiation & Interventional Radiology Need to be Part of Your Team
P. Sharing Your Story with Impact

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